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Quince juice

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Quince is a fruit which resembles to a pear. It originates from ancient Persia, keeping the trees due to their beauty. Quince juice is a great way to use this fruit, especially knowing the fact that many people like quince cooked or baked, rather than raw. When you buy quinces you should keep on mind that the fruit has to be yellow, hard and heavy. Light and soft quince means that it’s rotten.

Quince juice as medicine

Quinces have more antioxidants than fruits as apples and pears, which help in fight against free radicals. They are a good source of fibers and vitamins B and C, as well as minerals such as iron and magnesium. Besides, quince has antiviral properties. Thanks to the big amount of antioxidants they contribute for:

Keeping healthy skin
Strengthening the immune system
Preventing cancer

This fruit can also help in lowering bad cholesterol and it’s also recommended in treatment of respiratory problems and problems with digestive tract. Quince stimulates circulation because it contains minerals, iron, zinc and copper. These minerals are important for production of red blood cells, which on the other hand are important for improving the circulation.

Make yourself quince juice in the juicer. You don’t have to peel the quince, but for a better taste and quality you can add other fruits such as apples, carrots or oranges.

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