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Garlic and honey - the perfect healthy combination

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It’s well known that garlic and honey are two extremely curative ingredients and by combing them together you can get products that are very powerful. They can protect you from many diseases and strengthen the immune system. By adding lemon or ginger you can use garlic and honey for losing weight, to protect blood vessels and against high blood pressure. You can use garlic and honey on empty stomach for several weeks, which will result with extreme improvement of your body.

You can use garlic as natural medicine in the following conditions: high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, prevention of colon cancer, strengthening the immune system, warts, hair growth, candida, acnes and skin problems, bacterial inflammation and infections.

It is very important to use a quality and organic honey. This natural remedy is great source of energy, strengthens the immune system, lowers and reduces the inflammations, moistures the throat, helping in coughs.

Garlic and honey recipe

You can prepare a bigger amount of garlic and honey and use it for a longer period.


12 cloves of garlic
300 g honey
1 big sterilized jar

Chop the garlic and squeeze them a little with the knife in order to get garlic juice. Mix them well in the jar with the honey. Leave the jar in dark place for a week for all ingredients to pervade.

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