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Detox water - Get a Healthy Energy!

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Detox has quickly become big trend in many health and fitness centers in the last few years. The reason was mostly due to the experience of people who already tried this type of detox and shared the benefits with the world.

However, beside the popularity, many people are still confused about what exactly detox is and how it works. Some sources through the internet will present it as a complicated process, but in fact it’s very simple.

With eating various foods, fighting against infections and recovering from stress and exercises, the body accumulates many chemicals, which if aren’t controlled, can create toxic levels and cause serious damage to our bodies. The body has two main organs that regulate these chemicals: liver and kidneys.

The detox goal is to help improve the efficiency of these organs and help protect the organs themselves. That’s because, just as in all other organs, their continuous work can cause cell defects.

Detox helps in recovery of exercises and fat loss, thus support many other functions.

How to make yourself detox water?

Detox water is done by adding fruits or vegetables to the water, which provide many health benefits. These can vary from adding lemon to the water, strawberries and many other flavors. You can make your own detox water mixing your favorite fruits and vegetables, leaving them over the night.

Popular homemade detox water recipes

Lemon, lime and orange
This simple recipe is delicious and can be done in any moment. The high levels of vitamin C in the lemon and lime will help also in fight against inflammation and help the work of the immune system.

Mango and pineapple
This exotic mix is also rich in vitamin C, but at the same time contains vitamin B and bromelain, which is beneficial for the energy level and the immune system.

Mint, fresh cucumber and watermelon
This recipe is more suitable for the summer. Electrolytes in cucumbers and the watermelon can help you keep hydrated, while the healthy properties in the mint help through many body functions.

Detox water is a growing trend in health and fitness centers, having positive impact on everything from exercises and fitness to physical and mental health.

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