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This flower can cure - Get a Healthy energy

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Scientists claim that this particular flower, which can be found in many yards, plays an important role against one dangerous disease. The name of this flower is narcissus or daffodil.

The research that was made in the Belgian university “Université libre de Bruxelles” showed that the alkaloids of the narcissus can block the production of proteins which are used by cancer cells to grow faster.

This alkaloid is called hemantamin, which is a molecule that has natural origin. In this group we can also include morphine, quinine and ephedrine. This alkaloid stimulates the stabilization of the proteins, so if additional researches support this, it may be possible to eliminate cancer cells by tying it with ribosomes which are responsible for proteins synthesis.

Scientists say that this discovery is great, but they warn that you must consult a doctor because if you eat the stem you can feel dizzy and get a rush.

On the other hand, the pleasant aroma of this exceptional flower will help you relax and calm.

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