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Signs of gluten intolerance that you must know!

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It is believed that even 40 % of the world population is gluten intolerant. If you have some of the following symptoms, it can mean that you belong to this group.

These are the signs that you are intolerant to gluten:

Digestive disorders, bloating, gasses or even constipation, especially at children. Commonly, gluten intolerance can manifest diarrhea or smelly feces.
Fatigue after a meal that contains gluten. Even though feeling tired can be a symptom of any other disease, here it is clear because the patient fees especially tired right after the meal.
Autoimmune diseases and disordered are caused after you consume gluten. In fact, there are series of autoimmune diseases that are connected with one another, causing more than one symptoms. These autoimmune diseases include: Lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Psoriasis, Multiple sclerosis or ulcerative colitis.
Hormone imbalance can be very common, manifested as PMS or unexplained infertility.

Migraine and headaches are one more symptom that is connected to the gluten-intolerance syndrome.
Neurologic symptoms such as vertigo, numbness and tingling in the arm.
Inflammation of the joint and muscle pain.
Depression, anxiety and mood swings.
Anemia caused by iron deficiency accompanied with the following symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, low blood volume and weakness.
Unexplained weight loss.

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