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Life is precious - Get a healthy Energy

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You wake up every morning with a wish to make someone happy, to improve their mood, to make someone aware what he /she means to you. Every day, month, every year. You put efforts into your relationship. You say to yourself: Maybe they have a bad day. You listen to them and you give advices.

You make everything to collect the pieces and to create the person who you really wanted to see. But, there`s no use trying to fix everything. Everyone is born with a character and characters don`t change. When you pick up the pieces you may be disappointed by that person. They are not what you wanted to see. You are disappointed. You are becoming immune, cold, lifeless in your struggle trying to make someone`s life better, while doing so, your life past by without you living it.

While you try to make someone`s day better and you wait for others to see how much you`re worth, you lose your awareness of the value of your life. Keep what you have. Life is worth to live for those who are worth it. Don`t wait for those who will never come back, don`t listen to those who don`t listen back.

Were you in a hurry, but still drank the coffee with your friend. Now that person is in a hurry and has no time for you. Now you ask yourself what to do? Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit on the balcony and take deep breaths. Take your time and get your life back. Enjoy every second, regret nothing and don`t let people bring you down.

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