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How much water you should drink based on your weight

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It is well known that everyone should drink approximately 2 liters water a day or 8 glasses. But if you want to increase your chances to lose weight and your diet to be successful, then you should know that your weight must correspond to the daily intake of water. According to your weight you must calculate how much water you should drink a day.

The success of your diet is higher if you drink enough water, but it still must be corresponding to your weight.

60 kg 2 liters water

65 kg 2.1 liters water

75 kg 2.5 liters water

80 kg 2.6 liters water

85 kg 2.8 liters water

90 kg 3 liters water

95 kg 3.2 liters water

100 kg 3.3 liters water

105 kg 3.4 liters water

110 kg 3.6 liters water

115 kg 3.7 liters water

Before each meal you should drink 2 glasses of water.

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