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Fruit that keeps your heart and bones

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Not only that this fruit will keep your heart and bones in good health, apricot can also help you look young and fresh.

Apricots are great choice if you’re on diet. They are rich in vitamin A, meaning they are also good for your eyes and your skin. Thanks to the vitamin C (10 mg in 100g apricots) apricots are good for strengthening the immune system.

Dried or fresh apricots are rich in fibers, which means they keep the digestive system healthy. Potassium is one more element that is highly represented in apricots, even 249mg in 100g. Foods that are high in potassium are well known as good keepers of the heart muscle.

Apricots are great antioxidants and if the health effect doesn’t mean anything to you (which we know isn’t true) than beauty benefits are surely important.

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