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The years pass by anyway, but sometimes we speed up the processes by doing the same mistakes every day.

Sleeping on one side
Sleeping on one side, with the face squashed on the pillow, can cause wrinkles on the cheeks and the chin. According to the experts if you want to stay young and beautiful, it is best to sleep on the back.

Bad posture
Bad posture will certainly cause tense muscles and bones. This results with pain, fatigue and sometimes with permanent disorder.

Use sun creams only on vacation
Extreme exposure on ultraviolet light is the main reason for early aging. In order to protect your skin and eyes from the sun you must wear sunglasses, even if it`s cloudy, because the clouds block only 20% of the ultraviolet lights.

Adults should sleep 7 hours every night. The lack of sleep can lead not only tiredness and fatigue, but it also shortens life. Experts recommend going to bed earlier than usual, especially if you feel tired, physically and mentally, and you get tiered with no special reason.

Several studies showed that chronic stress can result with serious cell damage, which can accelerate aging. Try not to feel stressed at work and stop trying to finish the job always when it`s asked by you. And of course, always find time for yourself.

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