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6 good reasons why you should eat chocolate for breakfast -

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Chocolate is the most widely craved food to many people in the world. It is produced from the seeds of a cacao bean and it takes two to four days to make a chocolate bar. Here we will offer you a list of useful facts that wonít make you feel guilty if you like chocolate and chocolate cookies. On the contrary! Chocolate is really good for you and hereís why:

Chocolate makes you happy

Chocolate is famous for stimulating the production of the hormones of happiness, also known as endorphins.

It can help in reducing stress

Studies showed that dark chocolate can reduce the stress hormones in only 2 weeks.

Youíll eat less during the day

Believe it or not, consuming chocolate can reduce your hunger and appetite, which means you can avoid overeating during the day.

It can help you alleviate cramps and PMS

Dark and high-quality chocolate acts as a perfect remedy for many PMS symptoms, such as fatigue, irritation, feeling tense etc. The antioxidants effects on the blood vessels walls, reducing the blood pressure and improve the circulation.

Helps you wake-up

The content of the caffeine in the chocolate can vary from one to another type of chocolate, but basically all chocolates will have slightly stimulating effect. One cup of chocolate milk has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee. Eating breakfast based on chocolate will help you wake-up easier.

Chocolate is good for your skin

One of the not so famous benefits of the chocolate is that this food can really make magic to your skin. It can help you get glowing skin, while the high concentration of flavonol cocoa powder provides effective protection of sun burns.

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