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Garlic health benefits - Get a Healthy Energy

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Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. By some sources garlic originates from Siberia. Garlic produces a compound called allicin, which gives this plant its characteristic smell, but it’s also responsible for many health benefits.

Garlic can be used as medicine for:

Atherosclerosis – arteries can harden as a result of bad nutrition. Garlic can help to prevent formation of these vessels
High blood pressure – garlic can help in lowering blood pressure in even 8%, which means the complications of high blood pressure can be avoided on time.
Prevention of colon cancer – garlic has positive effect on the immune system and reduces the risk of colon cancer, but can also help in reducing the symptoms in people which already have cancer.
Warts – unpleasant viral warts can be treated with garlic
Hair growth – many shampoos an hair masks that contain processed garlic and its compounds can stimulate hair growth
Skin fungal infection – it is used in many situations, especially against oral thrush.

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