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As you probably already know, Hello Kitty first appeared in Japan and today there are thousand cat games with this genre. However, opposed to the common misconception, she was not born at the beginning of the new millennium but was invented long before that, in 1974. Sintaro Tsuji, the owner of the toy company, created this famous cat and chose her the name "Kitty." Then, a hello greeting was added to the title, as the creators wanted the toys, and generally, the brand to be more social and friendly.

According to legend, Kitty was born in the suburbs of London on the first of November. According to tradition, the height and weight of fictional characters are measured in apples, so this cat`s height is five apples, and she weighs three apples. Kitty is a very kind and opened girl, genuinely attached to her twin sister, Mimmi. She loves cooking cookies and loves her mom`s apple pie. Kitty`s favorite subjects are English, Music, and Art. Learn more about this cute shaggy fashionistas and dive into her pink world.

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Hello Kitty is a character of Japanese culture, which, according to its creator, symbolizes the value of friendship (Marcus, 2017). The appearance of the small, rounded cat with big eyes is associated with children with feelings of sympathy and security (Ngai, 2005). The pink color of the character symbolizes the innocence, purity, and fragility of femininity during the youthful period (Ko, 2003). The miniature size of Hello Kitty allows people to perceive her as a small child in need of love and tenderness (Garger, 2007). For adults, this character reminds them of happy childhood memories and helps them express their inner emotions (Yano, 2013). Computer games about Hello Kitty are designed for preschool age (5-7 years), and are characterized by ease of passing and the presence of positive role-playing behaviors (Common Sense Media).

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